As the leading supplier for the F&B industry,

we fight on the forefront of process innovation,

striving to exceed the highest quality standards.

Our functional productsOur spices and seasoning

Mianguan F&B

We offer a wide and diversified line of ingredients for F&B manufacturers.

All our materials are selected according to our strict quality control standards, and our QA-Team verifies in-house that each quality parameter is according to the functional, nutritional and taste expectations of our clients.

Serving a global market with high-end foods creates unique opportunities and challenges for our customers. Due to our specific and extensive experience, just as our strict quality assurance standards, we can provide our customers with winning products, regardless of their niche in the F&B marketplace.

All of our efforts aim towards a simple goal – to provide the best taste, purity, and nutrition, through the best process technologies and ingredients. Our product volume has progressed in a large scale to meet the demands of various applications all around the globe.

Our Products are organically certified by EcoCert and USDA, and on request, we are cabale provide microbiological and chemical analysis carried out by independent laboratories.

If you have consumers that count on you, you can count on Mianguan Group. The best supply chains for best results.